Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Update of My Life Now: Freelancer

Dear Zach,

Entering 6 months of working as freelancer, I've never been more freer than I was previously with a full time job working over 10 hours to hit end-meet. I was struggling in the beginning. My income was 50% less than what I earned in my previous job, but I believe it was a stepping stone and each stone is hard to be stepped on. I tried not to be pessimist about the basic income I earned throughout the first 3 months.

I earned a license to teach group exercise class, since then things got better, with the extra income from providing massage service, I was able to cope with the expenses monthly. I would have to say I really do enjoy giving massage for men. And the income is lucrative and easy money. When I put down my shame, money starts coming in.

Now, my income is basically up on par to my previous job, except that I am on my own terms and flexible with my time, I got to spend some time in my hobby and interest which I try to make it as a business.

I have committed myself a 3 years bank loan to purchase a new car. And that is a whole new level of burden I am starting to experience. I roughly have to pay RM600 a month of 3 years of RM20K loan. This is life.

My sex life is still ongoing great, just so you know.

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  1. When you put down your shame? What does that mean?

    Glad to hear that your sex life is going great!


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