Saturday, January 31, 2015

Before It Ends


Dear Zach,

Before ending the last day of the first month of 2015, I’d like to say that I am doing fine now. I am currently waiting to start my new job next week. For real. There’s no turning back since I had signed the agreement few days back. All I have to do is to be looking forward what will be coming next.

When I looked back to the past weeks I felt like it had been forever since I left my previous job. Three weeks felt like three months. When I scrolled down the Whatsapp archive only to have realized the last conversation between me and my ex-seniors was almost two weeks ago. I can’t help the way I feel sentimental about everything we did together – standing under the hot sun, chasing people to listen to us for 30 seconds top. Life is never boring working there. Sometimes I wonder if I had made a right choice leaving the first company I had ever joined or what will I have become in the space of two weeks. If we knew then what we know now, life will never always be that unpredictable. But part of me do know the fact that I wouldn’t excel in that path I chose at the first place. Not sure why but I’ve got the feeling I wasn’t belong there nor the place welcome my presence. I just did what my heart intuit me. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart wants what it wants. Logical thinking kills and create fears. But I never feel regret joining them. Indeed, I had learnt so much in the space of three weeks I felt like I had learnt everything in 3 months. Of course, what I learnt from the past should be bringing forward to new reality, and implement it. I will definitely miss those days and them no matter how far I will have come along. They are and will always be my great teachers.

Now, I will just have to enjoy the remaining days before the hectic days of working life kicks in. Happy Weekends!


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