Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unsuccessful Trips


Dear Zach,

I had planned a few trips for myself going on vacation in different places before my internship started. The most nearest place of all was Penang – I certainly did mention about backpacking to Penang alone few months ago. Unfortunately, I did not make it. Because when there comes the financial planning, it was totally out of my designated budget – I would have to spend more than I had ever intended to. Since I was still a student and my financial status had not been established well enough, I’ve had to cancel the plan and move on. It is not a great idea to be spending more than RM500 to be travelling just for the sake of enjoying the idea of backpacking. It is an expensive notion but .. nah .. I’m not gonna do it til I establish my foundation. Besides, I am still holding some grudge against everything about Penang – I secretly hate everything from Penang. 

I feel a little bit envious seeing my college mates always on-to-go. The idea for them is to live young while they can – work hard, play hard. The idea sounds tempting and motivating for them; for me this idea is just plain dumb. I don’t believe in that. How hard are you going to play? How young are you going to stay?

Right now, my main priority is to get a decent proper job with proper income. I think I will gonna have to spend my entire twenties working my ass off for a better life that I envision it to be.


  1. when you backpack, you earn while you live man. if not, you are just traveling; as so as said by some.

    if you really wanna do it, go all out.

    1. if i make a choice of going all out, I will be filled with regrets - knowing damn well what the consequence will be.
      Anyway, it's not like the place is going anywhere. It will be there as long as the world doesn't fall apart. lol

  2. Taurus will work very hard to earn a secured savings because wealth to you is your priority. Your dream lifestyle is to enjoy good food, be able to have the power to buy branded stuff, travel around the world, see the world, so in order to realize these dreams to come true, you know you have to work hard and accumulate your wealth from as young as possible to enjoy the life you envision.


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