Thursday, March 10, 2016

No Sex Do

Dear Zach,

I felt liberated after I ended things between us on Monday. It was like a weight lifted off my chest after being there for so long. And thank goodness, we didn't have sex after seeing each other for a month. He said we should wait til we were both ready or, put it this way, in love so that our sex would be meaningful. We did some foreplay at his place. But sex was off limit. And I wasn't really into having sex with him either. He self-proclaimed that he was a good top. But I don't really buy it - partly because he has a dick with the size of my middle finger when it was fully erected. I'm not complaining about his relatively small dick, I just don't really believe what he said. I'm so glad thing was over between us. Truth be told, for the past 3 days, my mind wasn't really thinking about him at all. Funny thing was that last night I had a dream about having sex with him. And it bothered me for the whole morning because I didn't want to have sex with him, be it, in real life or dream. No, I don't miss him. At all. Sometimes I wonder if God is testing, and making fun of, me.  



  1. I hope you feel better now. Sounds like this was really weighing on you. Now relax and recharge!

    1. it did hurt me one bit as I really liked him a lot. but as day went by my feeling toward him just slipping away. I thought we can start dating like what a normal couple do as we met not from the gay apps. Well, I guess it needs two hands to clap. I do miss him sometimes. But I've moved on.

      It's been a while since I last talked to you. Hope you are all well.

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