Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 Minutes To Midnight To Be Grateful

Dear Zach,

I'd like to take this 5 minutes of this time, before reaching the brand new day, to tell myself how grateful I am to have my mum and dad, who are sleeping in their bed now, to be much alive than they aged. More alive than I am. I am truly grateful to be given a chance to work, sleep, and eat. I am very grateful to be given a sheer luxury that people don't belong to; people don't really own. Not that I am rich. I'm a mundane person who get to live a normal life like what a normal people do. I am utterly grateful to have a good health that some people lose. I am thankful for God for giving me a second chance to live another day again. 

Feeling gratitude here.  


  1. Love this! Sometimes we forget.

    1. Sometimes we do! It's good to know we are still grateful for everything we have now.


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Maira Gall