Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tall, Dark, Handsome

Dear Zach,

I was in the steam room of the club. Dark and steamy, and hot. 

I only saw a few figures in there sitting aimlessly, not sure what they had in mind. I lied against the wall near to the glass door, where the light shines through the mist, giving out the silhouettes of one well-built men sitting in front of where I stood. 

I can't see clearly his face, but I still remember him. My gut telling me was him. The guy sitting besides him, trying to sit closer, engaged him with talks. He didn't seem interested by acknowledging him with monosyllabic feedback. He looked at me briefly; I looked away. When I looked at him; he looked away. 

He walked to the Sauna room next door. When he was outside where the light shine so bright, I can totally see how athletic he is even when he was in the dark. Jezz.. the height, the face, the body. Not sure why I have the intention of following him. 
I stayed longer. A little bit longer. Pretending I don't care. Because my sole intention was to relax my body and stay fresh. 

After what seem to be 5 minutes later, I walked to the next door. I saw him standing in front of the door, expecting me. Or maybe not. 

I took a seat, trying so hard not to ogling all over his physique. I faced down. This would have been good. 

I heard the woods cracking, footsteps moving to the door, when I lift my head up, he was out of the room and headed to the shower room. 

I waited. And waited. Not wanting to be a suspect of doing a bad deed in the club - my club, my working place. 

Unsure how long I have been in there, I got up and walked  to the shower room.

When I about to go to the 5th cubicle shower room, a tall figure walked from the 4th - it was him. 

He looked at me, in different way - admiration? or lust? We eye-locked for split second. I looked away and scurried to the shower room. His eyes were searing through my back I could feel that. 

I turned on the knob, and let the cold water cascaded on me. I needed to chill down. He could have found me weird or something else. 

After I showered, I opened the glass door, I bumped into him. Again. This time he was holding a pants, and the towel was wrapped around his waist. His waist. I gave him a brief smile. And walked away to my locker. From the corner of my eyes when I rounded the corner, I saw him looking at me before I disappeared from his sight. My heart soaring with glee. 

I changed into my uniform, he was in his pants - not in his towel. He looked very fine with the sweat pants around him. Jezz.. I looked away. He noticed that I noticed him. He must have known because he have been noticing me that I was noticing him. Okay. Game on!

I tuck out my shirt.. and decided to not wear any shirt, but a jacket cover my upper body. I zipped my jacket in front of the mirror where it is just beside of where he was sitting. Leaving my upper collar opened, I was basically naked inside. He saw that. And I knew it. 

I turned to the side and we eye-locked, this time I gave him a wink. 

How brave I was!

He was looking at me all the while he wearing his shoes, wearing his shirt. 

When I walked out of the locker room, I gave him another wink. This time he winked back. 

This is interesting. 

When I was at the front desk, he couldn't take his eyes off me. And me too.

He walked out of the club, I couldn't take my eyes off him. Out of my surprise, he looked back, and gave me a wry smile. 

My pant stir. 

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