Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Am Complicated

Dear Zach,

"why don't you give me a chance?"

Not sure why I don't give him a chance.

Is it because I am not ready yet? Or because I am not ready for him yet? I always use work commitment as an excuse. But it wasn't the only excuse I have.

Being with him I certainly have a lot of self-doubts. I constantly debate with myself whether I should undertake this chance to be with him. I know he will be faithful and loyal in future.

But something stops me - I can't put my finger on it. The feeling wasn't right even I fond of him.

I guess my fondness toward him isn't as much as his to me.

It's over. Officially over.


  1. Is it so sad. For "loser" like me what u have is sometime I would crave for. But u r not me. I sure you can easily find someone will fall head over heal, over you. I for one will. lol

  2. Maybe you are not that into him that much as he do.


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Maira Gall