Sunday, July 12, 2015

He Wants My Heart But ....

Dear Zach,

Again. He stirred up the issue of having a commitment again.

I explained. Everything to him.


- Why don't you give me a chance?

- What chance?

- A chance to be with you.

- I told you. I'm not ready yet. My job is not stabilized. Isn't it good that we keep it the way we are now?

- Not good enough for me.

- How good do you want from me?

- For you to be mine.

- I'd prefer the way we are now. At least we still can talk.

- If you think you are happy torturing my feeling by doing this to me, go ahead then. Obviously, I am not good enough for you. I'm regretting my life now.

- Why are you feeling like this?! 

- You are still young. I understand that. I'll prove to you one day i will be good enough for you. 

- This is not my priority right now. 

- I understand that. Please stop everything right now. 

- Stop what!?

- Stop it. Let's start all over like we used to be before we got to know each other. Just a distant acquaintance.

- I will still remain what we are now. I won't change. 

- Okay then. It's your choice. I stated clearly.. I want different thing from you. 

- I will never regret know you at all. I miss you. Good night. 

He unfriended me on Facebook this morning.


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