Saturday, July 4, 2015

Loose String

Dear Zach,

It's really intrigue how people can be changed so fast in just one day itself. Not sure what incident or event had occurred to have them changed in terms of attitude, but it really put me off. 

One day, we were talking over the messenger where we used to be - getting to know each other. The next day, the conversation with him was monotonous, clipped answer, seemingly bringing up the sense of I-don't-give-shit-anymore. Following, he said that at least someone thinks he is hot. 

"I hope he likes you as much as you to him." I replied. 

Simply because I couldn't keep it up with such volatility anymore. I am tired and aggravated. If he doesn't understand me, then I would have to let it go. I am more than happy that I did it. Because it's just one fucked-up loose string that doesn't worth my while at all. 


  1. Just want to tell u that I enjoy reading your post I don't read all of it just what ever that pop up when I click on the shortcut.
    Your post really reflect how you describe yourself. I find that to be very wise. I think I am old enough to be your father but still the way you write make me feel that I am so naive about the world.

    1. thank you for your lovely comment. :)

  2. Oh God, totally relatable! I would usually just stopped replying altogether...I mean gotta use the time for something more fruitful eh :)

    1. Or use the time to find somebody else. :)


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