Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Current Life

Dear Zach,

I have been doing good - there were times I had doubted myself if I was doing it right or rightly wrong. And also there were times I had doubts in my decision in terms of career and choices I had made that it made me think if I recklessly did it just for the sake of my heart wants. 

I have learnt so much for past 5 months ever since I worked as a Personal Trainer - though it is something I have been wanting to do for quite long, because of this I have been asked if this is a right choice of career for me since I am too young to be here. I have been told to continuing my studies since I am too young with a bachelor degree. Too young to be working. There's no such thing too young in life - we start young, we end with gold. 

And I have been preoccupied with a lot of thinking lately, to the point where my colleagues sensed something was wrong with me. And I have been asked to one-on-one with my manager and discuss about what I have been up to. I told him everything - he's really understanding and caring as a manager and friend himself. Even though I confessed everything, my shoulder lift up, but the solution isn't found. I told myself that I should work for one year at least, and I'll see from there if this journey of my life is worth taking step into.

 I am pretty much enjoying every single minute of my work - it's meaningful and worthwhile. And everyone working in the club has known I am gay. It's pretty much a known fact. They are cool with it. And I am cool with it. 


  1. Read my reply to you in my blog which will be published at 10.00am today (15/6/2015, Monday). :)

  2. Never too young nor too old to start anything! Go ahead if it makes you feel good buddy.


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