Thursday, June 25, 2015


Dear Zach,

When we were young during primary school years, we were told to be hardworking, because being hardworking would definitely bring you results you desired, or something more than what you had desired in the end of the day, such as acing Math test or getting a trophy for winning in drawing competition. Being hardworking is what everyone were told throughout the whole life, regardless when you were in young or in adolescence, especially when comes to studying. It's true that if you ever be lazy for one day, you are so gonna flunk your Genetic test. 

Yes. Hardworking is good; Hardworking is virtual. Even when comes to working life, you are told to be hardworking: for a better living; to pay off debt; for your car or house loan; any kind of commitments in which every adult has to face. But not everyone has the same desire to work hard for. I am the living proof now. I have been told to workhard so that you can earn more; I have been told to workhard so that you will whole new opinion about you. This is the standard most of them set in the club: workhard for a better living. I understand. 

I truly understand that working hard for a better living is of importance of most people. I don't workhard for the sake of a better living; I workhard for the sake of my happiness. I admit I am not the most hardworking person in the club, simply because I refuse to let the standard implemented on me. The desire of theirs is not the same as mine. I have other desire other than working hard in something I have no intention to put into. It's quite sickening when they think you are not the same page with them. 

Hardworking is the right thing to do when you have a right desire. 

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