Friday, June 12, 2015

Hope Burnt

Dear Zach,

When you realized, as always, that your photos on Instagram were liked by a cute guy, and he initiated a conversation with you thinking he might be interested in you or something, and the flow went along, gradually and eventually to have known that his intention is to find someone to have sex.

This is why hot guys are asshole.



  1. have faith in love, and love yourself, then love will bring in the right guy into your life at the right time, always remember that not all guys are the same, and when conversations like that take place, remember to seek guidance from your heart, for it knows well on who has good or bad intentions, and remember your worth that you are not merely an object of lust, that you deserve to be loved and God knows that well, till then, have faith and live every moment of your life, time would definitely reveal your destined half...

    take care and bless it be

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