Wednesday, June 3, 2015

One Fucked Up Society

Dear Zach,

It's harsh to receive comments about your work ethic when you think yourself doing it right.
And being treated in unfair manner isn't feeling that good either.
And being made fun of my sexual orientation definitely the worst one.
People are just being jealous of me for having my own sweet time.
And they are trying to think of a way to attack me.
Because of all of these, I've become more and more aggravated with things around me.
And people around me started to see the true side of myself which is not true at all.
I have been told to change for the sake of myself and my job - be more hardworking, be more nice.
I am nice; they refuse see it but the ugly truth. I am not as hardworking as others - I admit this; Because I am unsure if this is something I should hardwork for.
Maybe this is the reality of the society - it changes people. When they don't talk to you, they start to talk about you.

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  1. Don't let those talks get to you. Most important is your self and not them. :)


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