Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Dear Zach,

It's true the fact that when you try to think with your dick, everything in your own principle would go haywire. I'm always a person who cautiously play safe when comes to sex. When being suggested for raw sex, I'd decline that offer. There were times I found myself guiltily breaching my orifice with some raw action. Albeit it was less than 30 seconds of unprotected intercourse, I would feel guilty as fuck the next day. Having that being said, these two guys I have raw are some regular coincidental bump-up. 

The first one was few weeks back in the swimming pool shower room I usually go to. As usual, we both knew what else to do when either one of us is in the shower room - we got down dirty. He was being suggestive by poking his cock at the entrance of my anus, I obliged by perking my ass to welcome him. I thought it was fun to tease him that way. In just one swift move, he has plunged into me. I didn't protest. But he pulled out quickly as if realizing it wasn't right to do that. But that's too late to realize that. 

The second one was happened today. We both bump into each other occasionally in the gym. Whenever that happen, we would always do naughty stuff in the shower room, there would be our casual spot. Today, we both agreed to meet up in the gym shower room earlier than usual. We made out, suck each other. When he turned me around, my ass facing his face, he rimmed me hard. Then he tried to enter me with his hung cock. I didn't resist. He entered smoothly and humped me for a few seconds and pulled out. 

I wouldn't say that I trust them the most. There's a risk I would have to bare. If a less than 30 seconds of bareback would get me in trouble, then my life would be fucked.  


  1. In both cases your partner withdrew quickly, apparently they are aware of insidious risk. As a top, I tend to be naughty occasionally to tease barebacking if I think the bottom is clean, but just for short while.

    1. i also have the same notion of them being very likely clean, but still the after-thought of me was pretty paranoid.


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