Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How To Live

Dear Zach,

Technically speaking, I was a let-go. But they decided to give me 2 options, which was either I resign by myself or I would have to serve a month for behavior observation, in which both options would eventually lead to one outcome: termination. They talked to me in not very nicely soft spoken way to maintain their highest form of filthy pride which makes me gag. I just don't get it as to why people working in the managerial position are so pathetically weird? Do they really think they have the entire reign in controlling people the way they act? I was very disappointed to have wasted such great opportunity to be working with such people in a reputable company. My ex coworkers are very supportive and envious on my decision in leaving, as though I was leaving on behalf of them. All in all, it's not worth it. 

Now, I am back to square one: feeling lost. Completely and utterly lost. I don't really know what I really want. I have my own dreams. All the dreams I have are all related back to money. Money is always an issue. I wanted to travel to find myself. But finding yourself in travelling would cost you a bomb. Not a sensible idea i would say. They said: "use your talent to sell". Ironically, I have no talent. No special skill. No in-depth experience in specific field. And indebted with shitload of loan with no job to pay. Good god, I still have home to live in. So, what am I to do with my life?      

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