Thursday, July 14, 2016

Annual STD/HIV Screen

Dear Zach,

It was quite a turmoil to me since my last HIV screening test in the car under the dark, knowing how grateful and blessed I am to be given a chance to live after knowing the fact I had sex with an unknowingly HIV-pos carrier. It was back in February when I had the test. After five months since then, I decided to get my full health check again yesterday. After running my errand, I went to the infamous Klinik Bangsar South - a clinic that provide most efficient and reliable screening service. I told the female doctor in my lower voice that I wanted to do full screening test for STD & HIV. She speaks quite loud though. I told her I had sex with men. She explained and advised in terms of protective sex in benefits of my health and everyone's health while my blood being drawn. The latest patient she told me she had diagnosed with HIV was just last month - he's just only 19-year-old. Everything was done in 5 minutes. It was rather quick. No urine needed. Only my blood required. I was told the report will be emailed to me the next day in the evening. I got my report today at 6 pm - I'm tested clean. She did also explain in the email some vaccination needed in near future which I find very helpful. I was quite surprised that she even took up some time to write a quite extensive email to patient, in which I find her very reliable and responsible. Here's what she wrote to me:

Pls see your attached report.No STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections) found. HIV Negative.Noted that you require 3 shots of Hepatitis B vaccination to be fully immunised at 0 months(now), 1 month later and after 6 months time.After which, you will be immunised for life against Hepatitis B virus.Do Consider getting Gardasil HPV vaccination for yourself & your partner as it prevents against genital warts, Cervical & other genital cancers in both men & women.Requires 3 doses of this vaccine to confer lifelong immunity against HPV( human papilloma virus).You may collect your original report from the clinic at anytime convenient,if you need it.Be a Safe Sex Ambassador, educate your friends & family regarding the importance of using Protection & Safe Sex.You can make a difference in reducing the spread of STDs & HIV.Stay safe. Use protection!! It saves lives!Don't forget to repeat your the HIV test 3 months after your initial exposure to recheck HIV Status after the incubation period.(if applicable) See you next year for your annual STD Screen!My advice to you:When going into a new relationship or  if there are any suspicions about your partner's fidelity/ sexual activities, it is wise for a couple to get screened. You have the right to choose Clean & Safe Sex.Kindly Recommend us to your friends/partners so that they too get tested and be safe.Thanks. 

The price for the checkup is RM300. Well, I don't mind paying extra for a good service.


  1. I did mine too! But it was at the infamous clinic KOK in PJ.. They also offer the same service and actually go through with you on your results.

    Be Safe Zach!

  2. I got tested too and as expected its still negative :) It's good to know our status.

  3. I did mine last 12 July and yep, neg. :)


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