Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Dear Zach,

I've set my goal. And I know what I want to do now. With the courageous words from my family and friends, even stranger who knows you for few hours talking about doing what you like to do for your own good, couldn't be any more helpful in steering my doubts away. My mind is clear with what I'm gonna do. And now is up to how I am gonna do it. I've enrolled a training course for next month. It was full of doubts but I took the chance. I can't worry so much to take risks. God will lead the way. It's now or never. 



  1. All the best! :D My fave verse when I worry is Matthew 6:34. ;)

  2. Great! Important is that you have your goal set! 加油! :)

  3. Good to hear about the progress!! Gambate ya!!!


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