Monday, January 25, 2016

Thanks For Leaving

Dear Zach,

I always believe that leaving is not a good thing. It's a bad sign showing bad thing will happen. Detach, move apart, shift away, move away, pass away and many ways to show that leaving is not a good thing. I have this general feeling that leaving is sad. I always have. Especially my brother left to Singapore for work, I feel sad because one less family member is moving away from home. I didn't feel sad when one of my colleagues has left the job, that doesn't make any sense in account of what I mentioned just now, simply because he should have just left the company long ago due to its incompetency towards the job scope. Or simply put it that he's just plain dumb for not being able to do the simplest task. I do feel sad about people leaving me. That the fact I wasn't somebody that I used to be. They wanted me for sex because I was some cool guy at work. People are realistic. I don't blame them. I don't need people like them. I had good time with them. But good time has always come to the end. I feel sad when some friendships are fading away, in some sense it considered as leaving. We did not leave each other, it is the time that leave us growing apart, becoming strangers again. It's kinda sad to have looked through the conversation dated back few months ago and feeling nostalgic about the time we have. Friends that I used to hang out with have been reduced vast amount, and my phone has gone extra quiet these days - even receiving a simple text from a stranger would have made my day brighter. I always look at the screen of my phone secretly hoping that my crush would send me a text; only to have gotten some junk mails from . At least these junk mails were sent to care about my relationship status. I am grateful for them. I am also sad to get to know that one of my crushes is transferred back to his home country. Not that I am close with him, but we did like each other physically and have dinner once together when I was working with Fitness First. It occurs to me that when you decided to change your life, everything somehow will change. It's inevitable, but it's adaptable. Be it good or bad, it's just the way it is. Somehow you would have to let go of the past, and live in present. 



  1. So I can get your number and text you?

  2. You are right it is inevitable, therefore seize the day... Time will heal, c'est la vie Zach...


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