Sunday, December 27, 2015

Did Not

Dear Zach,

I have no word to describe how unpleasant this week was. Work was fine. I didn't expect much out of it. It was just that any attempt I had tried to make it seemed to be unfailingly not turning out the way I wished to be - it all ended in full disappointment. And I've got to realize the taste of how people can just changed the way you being treated in a space of 24 hours, for that matter. It's such a shocker for not knowing what was going on but having given a silent treatment - at least a brief explanation would be fine. I felt disrespectful for that matter. Last night, I've been to the infamous gay club in town - Market Place. It was such a disappointment. I did not enjoy at all last night. I basically wondered around the club aimlessly. Maybe because I went with the wrong guy, who is a complete dead boring person, and I wasn't in the mood due to the unpleasant events happened past back days. I did not enjoy my Christmas day nor Boxing day, and even today. In the nutshell, I did not enjoy any day of the week. 

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