Saturday, April 12, 2014

Goes Wrong


Dear Zach,

I feel unease all of sudden. Even though I’ve gotten back home in the weekend, I feel something is terribly wrong and it really upset me most of the time. Shitty things happen one after another.

First is my research proposal that I needed to make amendment in the last minute as I have presentation to be prepared two days before the date is due. Fuck my supervisor actually. He could have told me earlier.

Secondly, the Microsoft office really fucked me upside down AGAIN. Thought it has been activated and will be lasted forever, sadly enough it mentioned on my screen saying it will be going unlicensed in two freaking days. So I downloaded version 2013 and installed. Followed step by step to make sure nothing goes wrong, only ended up saying it needs activation key AGAIN. I am speechless.

Here’s some pictures of my night out with my family:

2014-04-12 18.43.47

2014-04-12 19.39.16

2014-04-12 19.44.21


  1. Cheer up! Things will get better. Try that free Openoffice suite if you don't have the money for MS office.

    1. thanks for the good words man .. finally it is fixed with some guidance.


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