Friday, May 13, 2016

Too Late Not To Say Sorry

Dear Zach,

Four years ago, when I first started my freshmen year in college, I constantly envisioned myself doing something great in 5 years time; be somebody, stood out, and making plans for the following next 5 years to come. I would be travelling in South East Asia for every 2 months, affording a car of my own, and having high-flying career that make enough living. Or best of all, having a smokin' hot boyfriend who fell head over heels in love with me. 

Fast forward to four years later, I can't help but to feel sorry for myself. 



  1. Dont beat yourself up about it. Everyone starts somewhere. Slowly but surely. Life is short so no point frust on something you hope for but instead try to achieve it by opening yourself to other options and possibilities. well, i hope you do find your mojo back!!

  2. Do not be sorry. It is not late for you to do something for yourself. Plan something which are foreseeable realistic with achievable challenging factor in short run, and steer towards your grand vision step by step.

  3. i know that feeling too...

  4. Can't change the past, so look forward and focus on the present instead haha.. I believe in setting several smaller and more realistic goals that are achievable in the near future, rather than huge ones that are too far away...

    For example, instead of saying you want to afford a car in the next 5 years, set a number of goals of how you can save money each month to be able to get that car... That way it becomes more realistic and reachable :P

  5. You're still young. You can still make changes to your life.

  6. sometimes I feel that way too. Its ok hun. slowly but surely. take your time


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