Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Do

Dear Zach,

Happy smiles were flashing everywhere with anticipation. Everyone was busy snapping photos of the bride and groom. Being the center of attention for the first time in their life, they were the happiest people on earth. They couldn't have been more happier than finding the right person to share the rest of their life with, til death do them apart. I was looking at the wedding bands where my brother put aside of the table - shinning with platinum white gold on the top of the bands - not the typical golden wedding rings dated back to olden days. It's affordable, classy, and sophisticated. It has a lot to say about my brother and future sister-in-law. Their contented smiles were so infectious I can't help to curve my lips a little. Not long after, we were ushered into a small room, which has a desk at the center, and fake-roses-decorated arch far behind of the room. Fortunately, the room was able to fit in both sides of family, which is 17 against 4 of us. The officer, who officiated the registration of marriage, jokingly ask my brother if he's ready or need a moment to re-think in the next room. We laughed. The wedding vows went through rather quickly, as though they were eager to get this thing done. It was not the typical on-screen-romantic vow exchange because they certainly know what they want. It was kinda boring actually. Once they were done, we were allowed to take pictures for 5 minutes. The couple was standing underneath the arch ready to be shot. It was a rather small and cozy ceremony. But everyone is happy with it. I wonder if someday I would have got the chance at all to get married with a guy I love.   



  1. when both parties are ready, it is possible :) Gambate!

    how's the work hunt going?

    1. i have good news. will blog about it soon


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