Friday, May 27, 2016

HookUp Marathon

Dear Zach,

On Wednesday, I went to the usual swimming pool to have a tan on my skin. But dark cloud descended, ready to get wet with us. So I decided to dip into pool. There came a guy with a good frame of body, most importantly, he's tan as fuck, wearing skimpy trunk, obviously to look for a hunt. Fast forward to later, we were in one of the shower room, making out, ass grabbing, and cock-sucking. He has a nice ass and is a bottom. The tan line of his turned me on so bad. He seemed too eager to get fucked, he squirted some body shampoo and applied to his anus, and turned around, ass facing my hard-on, eager to plunge it in. I stop him before it's too late. Sex 101  - No Bareback. I embraced him from behind, my left hand on his nipple, right hand stroking his cock, and made out with him in this doggy position. We both came afterward. He slipped to the next door to clean himself up. When I grabbed my bag and ready to leave, I saw him showering with open door, I moved in and grabbed his ass, and smooched him one last time. 

Today, I had to teach a swimming lesson to one of my learners. So I went to the pool again. And this mid-40s guy chatted me up in the pool while I was waiting my learner to come. We did give each other nods in the past, but we never really talked. He was in his skimpy trunk, slim and toned, visible abs, and most importantly, he's tan as fuck. He looks sexy at his age. We talked in the pool; I was hard as fuck. After I finished teaching, I went in the shower room, and saw him lathering himself in the open shower. I joined in beside him. He flashed me his cock, pretending to wash his scrotum, and I was rock hard. There was another guy joined in, whom I hooked up with two weeks ago at the same place same time, and of course he's tan. I wasn't in the mood for three some. So I moved to a slightly secluded cubicle and shower with open door. Fast forward to later, the guy of my interest and I made out intensely - boyy this guy is horny as fuck. He almost tear off my lips. We suck, made out, suck, and made out. He wanted to fuck me there and now. But I declined. Sex 101 - No bareback. Soon, he bob my head while I was sucking his cock, sensing he's gonna cum, as if on cue, I drew out, and he cum at my mouth with thick load. Jaysus! This guy must be as dry as nun's crotch. 

I feel like I'm a slut.  


  1. But sex 101 - carry a condom to the shower when you know you will have sex.... LOL.....

    Earlier you were complaining... now I'm jealous.

    1. In fact, I do have a condom keeping in wallet - it's for emergency case like having sex in the shopping mall or something. that's my biggest fantasy to be honest. LOL. I did have sex in the shower room few times at the same place. Goshhh I had a lot of fun in this swimming pool shower room. Now you have reminded me, I think I'm gonna write about it.

    2. good. can't wait to read it.


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