Friday, June 13, 2014

What My Future Lies Ahead Of Me


Dear Zach,

One of the sadness that I was enduring last night is because I am torn between multiple decisions for what my future holds. I wish I could talk to someone about it only to realize I’ve got no one to consult to.

I texted him, namely the Crush, trying to get on a conversation but only to have gotten a reply 5 in the morning. And then I texted him back after I woke up wishing he would reply in hours or so only to no avail. Since he has zero interest in me, I may as well give up on him. Sometimes he kind of put me off when comes to texting. I am not going to waste my time on somebody who isn’t worth my time for. He’s taken; I move on. Simple as that.

Speaking of what my future holds, though I have once said that I’d start my career right after I graduate from college, it seems not like it anymore. After seeking several consultancy from my lecturer, many of which have suggested me to go for Master’s degree since I am just in my early twenties. It’s a right option for me to forge my path for a better life. However, I am unsure if it’s really right for me plus the option for my Master’s degree is plethora. When I scan through the website of the local public university for offered programme and most I am unqualified for. Well not most I’d say, it’s like 50 50.

It’s such a headache moment when you have too much of options and spent entire time doing research about each course being offered and then narrow down to what you are into.

On the side note, as my internship days are coming soon, I’d made a mental note for a few desired companies I wish to work for. Yet another headache moment to narrow down the options into few.

So much things to do yet so little time to do.

if and only if I could talk about it to someone. It pains me to realize the fact of having no one by your sides when you are having down moments.

Sometimes being a lone ranger is painstakingly hard too.


  1. Never try never know, right? Sometimes, we need time to figure out what we really want in our life. Our future, career and everything. We might get lost, so just take your time la..

    You can try to work before go for your Master? or do something you really want...

  2. All things will fall into place. Try your best, follow your instincts. = ) and the best of luck.

  3. maybe i should sit down and talk to somebody about it.


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