Thursday, May 15, 2014

Being Single


Dear Zach,

Victoria has always been telling me that I would find the right guy one day. “You will meet your Prince Charming. All you have to do is just wait. Be patience. Patience is virtue.”

I know, right?

There are some times I do feel desperate in love and tired of being alone for all the time. I was always wondering, “Is it me? Do I have any problem?”

Only to realize that I have no problem at all. Not that I am perfectly problemless in that sense. I meant generally I am a guy who loves what he does for living. It’s just matter of perspective.

As the matter of fact, I am perfectly good for being single all the time. Some people are better off being single than in a relationship. At this age of mine, I think I am not used to being tied down with personal responsibility. This is the time where I should be exploring the world of mystery and having guilt-free fun. The memories you make while you’re single are the ones you’ll treasure most in the long run.

I have once read an article about lesson of being single. It says:

“the quality of man you date is proportional to how satisfied you are with your well-being. Your actions and the way you view yourself on the inside and out will always attract a person who is similar – it’s the law of attraction. When you try to be a better person than you were the day before, you’ll eventually meet a person worthy of the goodness you have to offer.”

This is the most truest fact I have ever read.

A guy who has similar interest as you has always been a huge plus point. How you view and live on your life somehow in a way it would direct us to a person who is similar.

There is nothing wrong about you. Its just that you have just not met the right kind of guy yet.

At the mean time, try and learn to love yourself with respecting your own strengths, attitudes, morals, goals, weaknesses, flaws, attributes, perspectives, and everything else that makes you YOU.

In the end of the day, you are the only one who make the difference.



  1. This is so true. If only all the single people out there realized this.


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