Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Post-exam Mood


Dear Zach,


Post-exam selfie

Yup. It’s done. Final exams are over. It is such liberation after having such dreadful weeks of constant reading and forgetting and repeat the same cycle all over again. My brain was heavily burnt by the load of information. Well, albeit there was one paper I did not really do well and totally did not expect such traumatizing question, I am hoping I could score a credit for it.

Despite my birthday was on last Saturday, I did not celebrate or do something special for myself for the sake of it. As I did mention once, I’ve had never celebrated my birthday for many years and it was perfectly fine for me. Celebrate or not, it does not make any difference to me. Reaching 21 is a big thing for some people out there but I do not find it is something that it is worth celebrating for. Major of you may likely disagree with me. Well, that’s me – you can’t change who I am. Plus I have totally forgotten to make a birthday wish for that day itself. So yeah … birthday means nothing to me actually. If I were to make a birthday wish right now, I’d rather wish to be given a lifetime opportunity to be able to live another day. Life is very unpredictable and you would never know what is gonna happen in next minute. Be gratitude that you could live another day without catastrophe.

For the following 2 weeks of holiday I will be staying in my college to do my final year project. Since it’s just only 2 weeks of break, I see no point of wasting time at home doing nothing as I have something better to do in college. Besides, my time in college will be getting shorter day by day. I want to spend as much time as possible to make some awesome memory as I can be before I leave this very place that I have called home. Until then.



  1. youre getting thicker! i can see it from your shoulders! meeaaatty! next up, body pic k! :) hahahahahaha

    1. lol. not very much thicker but at least it looks better than before.


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