Monday, November 28, 2016

Jobless Again

Dear Zach,

I left my job last Friday. I worked for 4 months and found out I wasn't up on par with their culture and standard they seem to be so proud of, I decided to leave. I was mentally tortured by my manager. it astonished me so much when a Superior can deliberately shout at you in front of members, condemn you, constantly look down on you for being unfit, trying anyway to insult you for being you and, worst yet, threaten you but all you can do is to say "sorry, it's my fault" to kill him with kindness. It was a total nightmare. I tried my best to keep up with their requirement. Still, they were not satisfied with me and decided to prolong my probation period for a month. I was very happy with my client. But the working environment is too unhealthy for me to grow. I had a huge row with the manager before I left. It was unpleasant one. Now I'm jobless again. Depression is creeping on me. 

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  1. Takke a break first...
    Throw the bad thing leave behind...
    And move on...


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Maira Gall