Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life Too Short

Dear Zach,

You left the world on 3rd of June. But I got to know it the next day from Instagram while I was at work, an inkwell picture of you and a guy together, obviously you both were having selfie by the angle of the camera showing. The picture gave me sense of emptiness - dull and faded. With the description below saying " ... hope you enjoy yourself on the other side .. " couldn't help to pry more info from the owner of the picture. 

Our first virtual exchange was in Instagram. We liked each other pictures. Soon, we found ourselves chatting over in chatbox, talking about hooking up. It was a long overdue meetup. After I left my job on October, we started hooking up for six weekends. You were a bottom; but I couldn't resist to hook up with you because of your ass. That were the times I enjoyed being top the most. I spend most of my weekend at your place, having sex, and playing PS4. We talked a lot about each other. I slept pretty well beside you; it was the only time I manage to sleep well in a stranger's bed. I always snuggled behind you, kissing your neck, and fall deeply asleep. You knew I love to eat. You always prepare some snack before I came to your place. You swallowed my cum and I loved that. You gave me the best blowjob I've ever had in my life: you kneel down in front of me and started doing your expert blow job skills while I was playing PS4 shooting away the bad guys. " focus on the game, let me focus on your dick." You were a very eloquent guy. You have your strong opinion of everything you believe in. And we both read a lot and that made us had something in common. 

As the week went by, I didn't come to your place quite often. You seemed to detached from me by ignoring my texts. At one point, I was fed up and couldn't be bothered by you anymore. 

You were diagnosed with leukemia on May. I heard that your condition got worsen by days. It was shocking as few months back I browsed your profile and came across of you having sex with a new guy. I didn't know what to say.     

It's not joking when someone said "life is too short to be unhappy". 

You left the world at the age of 32. And I'll always miss you. 


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