Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Dear Zach,

Few days ago, I came across a post in Facebook about one of my ex-classmates in University, who is from Sri Lanka, currently working in a science industry, that she recently got to publish herself an scientific journal. It's a big achievement for her to able to involve in scientific publishing. As a friend of hers, I was genuinely happy for her achievement. Even though it was a stepping stone for her to achieve something great in her own country, I couldn't be more proud to have known her as my ex-classmate. Her post has garnered more than hundred likes with thirty over heartfelt congratulatory comments. 

Another great friend of mine, who was also an ex-classmate of her and me, has becoming an interdependent entrepreneur himself. He had launched his own online tuition websites for the past years, learning and biding in Forex trading, and creating business relationship with foreign country through online IT business. He has published 3 scientific journals himself locally, got awarded for his mini innovation for his own project during Uni time, and was able to present his work in front of those influential people in local. I couldn't be more proud of his achievements so far. We would occasionally bump into each other in the gym I frequent to. And we would carry out our conversation with our recent happening. I told him about my jobs quitting and found my new calling in my career. We both have one thing in common that both of us will never gonna step foot into science field ever again. He has received positive feedback from Canada for his Master's. "Just fucking leave this hopeless place and start your life there." He chuckles as I told him. 

A few of my ex-classmates are doing well in their academic pursuit. I was asked if I were still interested in pursuing my Master's. "I scored bad CGPA I don't think further study would do me better in life." I've to admit that I'm doing no better than them: I was job-hopping. Figuring out my life. No achievement. Could barely feed myself. Of course, part of me was actually feeling extremely envious of them. When come to think of it again, it's part of life-cycle - you need to learn to fall in order to learn to get back up. I'm not sure how long I will be falling, but I'm pretty sure when there's right time, I'll get back up in no time.       


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