Monday, June 13, 2016

The Time I Had Sex With My Student

Dear Zach,

Having sex with your student is a big no-no to me. It's so unprofessional. But when your student trying to flirt with you by sending his pic wearing a skimpy trunk, outlining his semi-hardon, asking you whether or not if it's appropriate to wear this to public pool, you just can't help to zoom in and admire his long cock. Of course, I was stressful, frustrated, and horny when he inquired me about swimming lesson. He's not my student yet so I think it's still fine. Not sure how the conversation steered into meeting up for sex instead. We met at the most quiet place of swimming pool shower room where I sometimes go to. As expected, it's Ramadhan period, the swimming pool was expected to be empty. He came around 15 minutes later when I was dipping in the pool. I nudged him to the direction of the changing room. We then entered one of the clean shower cubicle and started our business. When he stripped himself down to his waist line, he was wearing a white G-string and a cock ring, which accentuated his huge bulge. No doubt, minutes later his bulge was grown into 7 inches thick hung specimen that I have been craving for the past weeks. We made out under the cascading cold shower. His 7 inches cock grinding against mine. Me sucking his down to my throat, fits my mouth so damn well. He pushed me against the solid marble wall, and entered his hung cock into my tight ass. I didn't moan for pain and he liked it so much. We fucked under the shower for good 20 minutes. When we parted our ways, he texted me "it was nice fucking you. I think this place is a good place for swimming. We could have sex after the lesson next time. ;) See you soon." 


  1. Replies
    1. his dick is too damn yummy.

  2. He already learned to swim inside your orifice... lol

    1. he could have gotten A+ for swimming harder against me. But both of us kinda paranoid having sex in shower room.


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