Friday, August 7, 2015

The Convocation

Dear Zach,

I was pinching myself if this was true to be happening. It did happen.

Being able to see my fellow ex-classmates whom we had gone through the highs and lows together, it seemed like everything just happened not long ago. It was unbelievable that 4 years in University had gone by like nobody business.

The convocation for us was a last reunion. Though there were a few of us able to make it to the end, but we still cherish the moment being together. Walking up to the stage, being handled over the scroll that we had fighted so hard for, was the moment when all of the hardwork had finally paid off.

My mum was the happiest one I reckoned. She was all smiley face when I was walking down the aisle and struggling holding her phone to snap a good photo of me walking down, which ended up snapped a blurry one. I don't blame her. She tried her best to learn to perfect the skill of snapshot. And I love it. And, of course, my dad was the happiest one, even he doesn't show it, but he did give me the full perfect megawatt smile at me when my single portrait being taken.

They are proud of me. And I am really proud of them for being such a devoting mum and dad for loving me unconditionally and giving me everything I need to be a better person.

Mum and Dad, I did it. I made you proud! :)



  1. You put a smile on my face reading it....:)

  2. That's great to know! Well, that aside, at least you get to do what you want right now!


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