Sunday, March 8, 2015

Being Hot Doesn’t Mean You Are Right


Dear Zach,

Hot gay guys are so much drama queen. They can’t take criticism or request from someone so easily - especially when you politely ask him to re-rack the weights back to the original place.

There was this hot-shot gay guy, who is a popular fitness model and I had stalked him several times on Facebook, happened to work out in our local gym club for several times. Today, he used the weights, I expected him to be put it back where it was; turned out he just left the weights and walked to another machine. I walked up to him and politely asked him to re-rack, he scowled at me, giving me the sour face. I did my job to be assisting him to carry all the weights he just used back to the original place. If I were being an asshole, I would have stood there not helping him at all. Didn’t he learn the most important manner when he was young? Put it back when you used - the most basic and simple rule and yet some people just couldn’t implement it or stupid enough to understand it. When come to think of it, he’s now ugly as shit with his ugly attitude.

You think hot guys are cool; they are asshole in reality.

Dear Hot guys,

If you think you are too hot to do such slavery job, you may die in hell.



  1. Here's another point I've discovered -- the best sex is not with the hottest guys.

  2. Sadly to say, that's how the hot gay men behave in the gay community. They believe with their hot body, they are the King, people must listen and give in to their demands. "I'm hot, so who are you to come to talk to me like that? Don't even say hi to me when you're not hot enough!"... that's what going in his mind.

  3. Haha, well big muscles don't usually equate to courtesy and kindness. Sometimes, people have dicks as brains, so it's up to those who has brains in their head to correct them. And you did a good job, you were the gentleman and the better guy. Fitness model he is? Good for the pages but not good for tasting. Eeww.


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