Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bad Liar


Dear Zach,

I thought I was a good liar; covering up my sexuality, pretending to be normal as I can be. Wrong.

Now, suspicions are speculating around. Not sure when I will be uncovered from the truth.

Funnily, my female boss had known it a while ago and asked me for affirmation, and she was perfectly fine with it as 90% of her friends are one of us.

I’m glad she’s totally fine with it.

I hope everyone is fine with me.


  1. Be careful and be prepared when you want tell them about yourself.
    Since the rumors have been spread, it's better for you to justify yourself rather than being out by others.
    Show them that this is perfectly fine and normal, let them know that it's ok and you are just the same person as they are. Cheers!

    1. as long as they try not to be an asshole i am fine with.

    2. You never know, maybe they are cool with it? Let's hope for the best, keep a positive thinking. :)


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