Monday, April 18, 2016

Do It Again

Dear Zach,

It didn't take me long enough to brush up my resume and send it out to all the potential jobs being advertised online. The best part is: I actually do my searching in my office, right beside where my manager is sitting, it's just few feet away from my desk, but she couldn't notice what was happening in my monitor as she is too busy to notice me. I could not be bothered to get caught - that would be helpful if it does. I have not quit my job yet; Once I get a better offer, I'd definitely resign ASAP. I don't hate my job; I feel like my mind has been stalled for working for the past few months and I highly think that I was getting dumb by each minute sitting there, doing same thing, every single day.
Again. It is the third time I do this. Aimlessly sending out resume hoping for landing a good job.  

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