Sunday, May 3, 2015



Dear Zach,

Although I had a very much mundane day for this very day, I was moved by the sweet gesture of my mum, presenting a piece of cheese cake I love, and a kiss on my cheek.

I wouldn’t have known today I am turning 22 til my mum brought out the cake. Forgetful me.

I love you, mum, with all of my heart. You are the only person in the world who wishes me. And you are the only one who wishes me today. Thank you for everything you have done for me; your unconditional love to me; I wouldn’t be here without you constantly giving me the love I need.

Again, I love you.



  1. Happy birthday Zach. May your birthday be always be filled with joy, small or big and I pray you have a prosperous and abundant life ahead.


    P.S: I hope I am the second to wish you and I hope you smile big. *hugs*

  2. Late to wish you better that not.:P
    Happy birthday.
    Wish you have a healthy great life and wish everything good happen on your further.:)
    Selamat hari jadi:)

  3. belated happy birthday. funny thing is....we have the same bday. :)

    1. Alright! Happy very-the-late-belated birthday to you too.
      Are you 22 this year? lol


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