Friday, December 30, 2016

Years And Years

Dear Zach,

It shook me so much when I came to realize that I have been blogging for almost 3 years and more. My age is increasing inevitably by year - not sure whether to laugh or to cry. That being said, I'm more than grateful to be able to open my eyes in every brand new day. It's nothing much to say about this year, really. Apart from the sex I had this year, it's basically mundane and, of course, with all the loss and found myself, and, thank God, I've found my passion throughout the winding road. Honestly, I spent more time at home due to the fact that I am jobless practically most of the time and being literally anti-social. I turned down coffee date, meetup, and movies. I always think all of these are unnecessity and still strongly do, because it wastes of money. So I decided to stay at home most of the time.

On the other note, it's quite saddened by the fact that there are only handful of active blogs left in my reading list. Most of them were inactive since last year. I think I'd have to do some spring cleaning.

I did a makeover for my blog template. Clean sleek.

My facebook is full of death news of Carrie Fisher and her mother. It's getting irritating.

And my newsfeed is about BKK white party. Guys posting pic about their body just to prepare for this party. Plain dumb tbh.

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  1. Hei u deleted your previous post regarding your rendezvous of 2016?


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