Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Update of My Life Now: Freelancer

Dear Zach,

Entering 6 months of working as freelancer, I've never been more freer than I was previously with a full time job working over 10 hours to hit end-meet. I was struggling in the beginning. My income was 50% less than what I earned in my previous job, but I believe it was a stepping stone and each stone is hard to be stepped on. I tried not to be pessimist about the basic income I earned throughout the first 3 months.

I earned a license to teach group exercise class, since then things got better, with the extra income from providing massage service, I was able to cope with the expenses monthly. I would have to say I really do enjoy giving massage for men. And the income is lucrative and easy money. When I put down my shame, money starts coming in.

Now, my income is basically up on par to my previous job, except that I am on my own terms and flexible with my time, I got to spend some time in my hobby and interest which I try to make it as a business.

I have committed myself a 3 years bank loan to purchase a new car. And that is a whole new level of burden I am starting to experience. I roughly have to pay RM600 a month of 3 years of RM20K loan. This is life.

My sex life is still ongoing great, just so you know.

Friday, September 28, 2018

The American Dick

Dear Zach,

The massage business was going relatively well this month. I was earning more than enough to cover up my expenses with some part time jobs besides massage service I was doing.

There was one American guy messaged me through gay forum for massage service. He happens to be staying in a distance of 20 minutes away. He did not provide a picture of him nor I ever ask for it.

I met him at his place. He looks good at his age of 40s. Though, lack of exercise and poor diet had him having some belly fat hugging around his waist. Overall, he is relatively handsome.

We stripped off naked. His 8 inches dick was rock hard before I even massaged him. We clicked off as we conversed during the massage session. His dick was throbbing under my oily palms as I massaged his dick. Before we knew it, I sucked his dick and he even asked if he could fuck me. I sat on his 8 inches dick and he was pretty impressed my bottoming skill. This was the first American dick I have ever rode in years.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Dear Zach,

I shouldn't have taken my tops for granted; Thinking all the while they would just have flings and won't get attached to someone; Knowing the fact that they would come to me whenever we both find ourselves horny.

For the past few months, my list of tops have been replacing with new guys. Though I still keep in touch with a few who fucked me well. Those regular tops I used to met frequently back in last year were totally cut off and I couldn't bother to contact them anymore. I found out that one of them were taken. That got me immensely jealous I blocked him on any means of social media and contact.

Few days back, I got to know, over Instagram stories, that one of my favorite malay tops is getting engaged. I replied to his story whether it is true. He confirmed my nightmare. My reply to him was rather blunt and short. Yesterday, another malay top I always fucked with, told me he has a boyfriend and his boyfriend told him to remove any fuck buddy he has ever encountered with. He apologized profusely over facebook, but I blocked and removed him without saying anything to him.

I'm so upset. I don't know why. I am not happy for them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lost Track

Dear Zach,

I've lost track of my sex record.

According to my record, I had more sex enough than I could remember.

My last sex was 2 days ago in an academy faculty toilet with a 20 year-old kid.

Ever since I work as a freelancer, my timing is greatly flexible and I am much more happier than ever. Financial wise is still a bit tight though still manageable. I don't have to tie down with a workplace for 8 hours working shift and that's the biggest relief of mine.

I had more sex than ever. If I ever live alone, I guess I would have organized an orgy everyday.

I won't update my sex record anymore. Just so you know, I am still having sex. I am still holding on to my life pretty well.

That's that.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Privacy Intrusion

Dear Zach,

I invited this Sarawakian guy over to my place after my parents were out for medical checkup. I was going through Grindr and my fuck buddy list, contemplating which one should be able to come over at the bright day of 11 am. After several messages exchanged, most of them were at work.

So happened this guy with an avatar pic in Grindr hit me up about swimming classes and stuff. Checked our previous conversation, I ignored his several attempts of pleasantries. We exchanged our details about coaching service and I dropped hint about me as pure bottom. He picked my hint up and we proceed to meeting at my place.

He looks typically Malay, slightly shorter than me, average body with the his posture of arching back, protruding his stomach out as if he has a huge belly. We cut the chase and got down to business. I asked him to strip naked. He was very questioning - asking about whatnot to reduce the awkwardness. But I answered politely as my end goal was to suck his dick and get fucked. We made out and I sucked his 3 inches dick. After barely 5 minutes of foreplay, he nudged me for intercourse.

He is a good fucker. Though not very memorable to the point of moaning my ass out. He asked if he could record our sex - I agreed. At first, he took out his phone and readied to record, but he decided not to do it and drop his phone to the side. But he agreed to use my phone to record our intercourse.

He cum a river on my body. He washed himself while I was on my bed resting with his cum all over my body. He seems uneasy and a bit awkward. A bit unusual of him as he was quite verbally active during our sex. I washed myself after he returned. To diffuse our tension, he brought up about needing my swimming coaching service in later soon and will drop me a message. I was monotonous in answering. I planned to give him a goodbye kiss but he seems restrained. I showed him to the door and slam my door shut.

When I back in my room, I checked my phone to rewatch our sex video. Found out my gallery was opened and the video was gone. Most likely he removed it while I was washing my self. I blocked him on Grindr minutes after he left. The video was suck btw and his dick was barely seen in the video. I am glad he removed it for me.

© Dear Zach
Maira Gall