Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Dear Zach,

Every guy wants him. He's 6ft tall, very handsome, and has a body to die for. He's one of the runner up for international male model search contest. He has over 12K instagram followers. All of his pictures mostly are naked-waist-up. He always like my pictures for the past few months. I'm not sure what he has gotten into him for liking me. But I appreciated his sweet gesture. I was unfazed by his pictures. Mainly I'm not sexually attracted to him despite of his oozing hotness every guy wants to taste. Fast forward to today, he has been asking me for a hook up since last week but I didn't really bother to meet up, til today I just gave it a go to see what he got. I reluctantly drove all the way to his place. When the door swung open, I was faced with a tall, broad-shoulder, pale, and a very handsome guy. Good god I wonder how on earth did I get the chance to meet him in real. He was unusually quiet and shy, which surprised me as all of his picture didn't much justify the side of him I was encountering. We laid on bed, cuddling each other, kissing slowly, made out hungrily, and gave him a deep throat. He loved it. When he was fully naked, I was quite flabbergasted. His chiseled body. His abs. Oh god what a great stress reliver after a day of working from home. He entered his 6 inches upward-curved cock into me slowly. And slowly getting the pace up a little. I moaned so hard in meeting every pound of his. He's one of the few guys who could make me moan so loud with each hard slow-paced pound. He like it slow but enough to crave for more from him. I like that. He came hard inside of me. I didn't come. I just cuddled into his arms and rest, listening to the heavy breathing sound on his chest. We didn't talk much. I guess he just wanted sex that's all. Still, til now, I am just not really attracted to him. 


  1. I love a hot man in my arms... Feel good about yourself, knowing a hottie wants you.

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