Thursday, June 16, 2016

2 In 1

Dear Zach,

Having sex twice a day in the mid-week was such stress-reliever. I was on so much burden and I can barely to breathe properly. After work, I met up with the guy I met last Sunday in the public restroom across the busy road of my living area. I wasn't  planning to have sex there as my head was in throbbing pain. But the idea of having sex in public restroom is thrilling. So I decided to have a go with it. We went into one of the cubicle in the rest room, made out intensely, shirt ripping off, me in my formal pants down under my butt cheek, and then he slide his hung cock into me. It was intense. I guess the feeling of being caught in having sex in public premise makes us both wanting for more. 30 minutes later, he came hard but I didn't. I went to gym after that.

When I returned home from gym at night, I got a text from a guy in Jack'd I've been texting with for the entire day. We talked about meeting up as he was happened to have a day off on that day. I told him to come at night while my parents asleep. He was fine with it. After my parents went to bed, I told him to come and, 20 minutes later, he arrived at my doorstep. He's slightly shorter than me. Early 30s. Athletic built. Which turned me on instantly as much as I was tired from the first sex I had a couple hours ago. We sneaked into my bedroom quietly. We cuddled for a moment, had a small talk, and then we started to make out. Boyyy he was so hungry as though he hasn't eaten for days. He was such a good kisser - slippery and wet. My lips was almost chipped off as he trying to swallow my mouth into his. He has good 5 inches dick. And a nice set of chest. He plunged into my hole smoothly as my ass has been ripped apart hours ago. He moved his move, fast and hard, varying different position in any possible way to fuck and make out with me at the same time. He's good. We fucked for good ol' 45 minutes. He came a river on my body. Hot and slickly. Then we cuddled on my bed, resting, almost dozing off. Before we realized, it was 12 am. He got dressed and left. Before I hit the sag, I sent him a text saying how great he was in bed just now. 

I can't believe how much a slut I've become.  

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