Monday, May 2, 2016

That Time I Had Sex With A Curious Straight Guy

Dear Zach,

He was tall. Pale. Cute and fairly handsome. He was nice to look at but not enough to get my head turn. I didn't bother until he tail-gated me behind my car with his expensive looking car after I left the swimming complex. 

We hang out at the railing of the bus stop. He bought me soda drink from 7/11. It was rather awkward as he was kinda of nervous about it. I wanted to know why. We exchanged a few niceties. Then he asked. 

"So ... do you have girlfriend?" 

" No." I shoke my head. 




"Yup." I curved up my smile and look at him. 

"You are gay?" He seemed surprised. Then the penny dropped.

"Are you bisexual?" I asked. 

"Well, kind of ... I'm not sure. I'm confused actually." His face was unreadable. 

"Do you have girlfriend before?" 

"Ya. Two. It was long time ago."



"Ever have any sexual encounter with guys?"

"Well, once. I was drunk at that time. And he brought me to hotel and we just did some handjobs and blowjobs." His cheeks was pink. 

"Are you shy?" I looked at him.

"Ya.. I'm nervous actually. This is my first time, sitting down here, talking to a gay guy like this." 

"Well, don't be. I'm not gonna rape you or something. And I have the strong feeling that you were a highly homophobic person beforehand."

He didn't say anything. He didn't have to. I knew. 

"Well, I don't really care if you homophobic or whatsoever. I can't change your mindset. It's all down to whether or not you want to be that way." 

"I don't think I am anymore. Since I am kinda attracted to some guys. Like you."

A moment passed. I can't help but to ask. 

 "Why were you following me behind my car?" 

" No. I didn't. I happened to be around here." He poker-faced. 

"You are lying. The moment when you keep staring at me in the pool. I knew it. And I saw you keep making rounds in the car park as if waiting for me. I know that trick, Joe. I do. I have been gay for years and that was a hookup trick."

He broke into smile as if I revealed his dirty little secret. He's very cute. 

"Oh you! Since you knew. Then you don't have to say it out loud." He shove me lightly. He was blushing. 

Our conversation settled into silence. He looked uncomfortable. 

"So bi-curious guy, what do you want to do now?"

"Let's have sex." He said without blinking his eyes.

"Ya, right? The hotel is just right next to it in front of us." I chuckles. 

He eyes were staring at me as if to will me to look at him. I looked at him. 

"omg! you can't be serious right?! Are you serious? Are you even ready to have sex with a guy yet? I was in shocked.

"Ya. I am ready. I want to try. Let's get to the hotel." He got up and started to walk toward the hotel. 

"Wait up! Fuck! You seriously doing this? Are you sure?" My heart was thumbing so hard right now.

"Ya. You go get the lube and condoms. Here's the note." He handed me a RM50 note. "And I go get the room now." He walked off to the hotel. 

Five minutes later, we met outside of the hotel. 

"If you want to walk away from me and bid goodbye you can do it now, you know."

"I've already got the room key." He was smiling mischievously. "Let's do it."

It happened quite fast I couldn't absorb everything. We were stripping our clothes off hastily. He pushed me down to the bed and sealed his lips with mine. So hungrily and eagerly. His mouth was all over my body. Hot and wet. And he has a skilled tongue. And I loved it. 

"You have watched a lot of gay porn, haven't you?" I asked while he was blowing me. 

He looked up and said, "I've fucked a lot of girls. But this is my first time sucking a dick." 

And then he slid the condom on his hard-on and plunge into my hole. Boyyy.. he was so skilled the moment he undulated his body. As if he has done this too many times. He flipped me back and forth and fucked me rough, fast and hard. He liked it hard. And I loved it. 

When I was on top of him, I can't help to smile and ask him, "So, are you gay now? Or completely bisexual?" 

"Oh! Shut it!" He flipped me over on my back and he fucked me hard. I wondered how horned up he had been. 

"I'm gonna cum soon." 

After a good ol' half hour of banging hard on my ass, he cum all over my body. 

"Fuck." He was grasping for air. He looked at me as I was covered with his semen. "Let's get you washed up." 

We didn't talk much after that. When we left the hotel, we were both stood by our cars. 

"So..." I said, trying to find something to say. 

"So ... I'm gonna head home." He said, as if wanting to say more of it.

"Yeah.. that's cool." I can't help but feeling a bit disappointed. 

"Yeah.. alright." He held up his hands. "See you." 

I held it. "Ya, see you." 

We both didn't want to leave. I wanted to ask for his number. But I thought that was too silly to ask. This guy just wanted sex from me. No string attached sex. Here it is. Deed is done. Say goodbye. 

I waited for him to ask for my number instead. 

"So.. I gotta go." He looked at me warily. 

"Ya.. me too. It's been a rough night." I realized that he just another bloke in town just wanted sex. Why do I care so much? It's not big deal that he didn't ask for my number. 

"Alright, see you." He got into his car, ignited his engine, and pulled out of the parking lot. He waved at me and gave me a horn before he drifted away. 

"Goodnight, Joe." I utter under my breath as I looked at his car, disappeared at the round of corner.  


  1. You may meet him again at the same place... get his no. next time :) from his skill could you judge that was his first gay sex experience?

  2. You may meet him again at the same place... get his no. next time :) from his skill could you judge that was his first gay sex experience?

    1. I wish. He's straight - I don't think he will ever find me again. He was good top. He knows what he was doing. I was kinda surprised how to eager he was when we have physical touch. He self-proclaimed that this was the first time having real sex with a guy. Judging from his skill, he's almost as good as some of the tops I've met.

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