Monday, November 24, 2014

I Should Stop


Dear Zach,

I should stop.

Stop doing something that he wouldn’t even have the tingly interest to do it in return. Like me kissing his hands.

I was the one who was doing it.

I was the one who was holding his hands while driving the fucking car.

I concerned about him. Like trying to massage his injured wrist with the cream I purposely brought it along.

I was the one who said I miss him. First. He never said it back.

I wanted to ask if he is fond of me.

I guess the question should be remained unspoken. Because I knew he wouldn’t answer directly to my question.

I am really confused.

Maybe I don’t have abs. But this is absurd.

If there’s no reciprocation between us, it’s about fucking time to cut the loose.

About fucking time.


  1. "Maybe i dont have abs". I died.

    hahahahahahahahahhahahaha... seriously i died laughing.

    aiya, boy arr, prioritize lor :) you say you'll be leaving in a month wor, what are you trying to do jek? You need to have a stable foundation of the both of you to even try sustain a LDR, well unless you two can try working something out, but like now you dont even know whether he likes you or not, and he did not really kinda say/reply anything else to all your "actions" .

    so yea, maybe its about fucking time to sort things out, for your sake! :)

    muacks! :)

    1. i can be assured by all his actions that he just enjoyed the fucking attention I was giving him. asshole

  2. do you know what my psychologist tell me? "don't give too much“ if you understand what it mean

    1. yr psychiatrist is right. I will never give too damn much.


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