Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blue Saturday


Dear Zach,

If I were to blog on every weekend, time would have flown by even faster than I could have ever thought.

It’s midst of November. Another 15 days more til December. Everyone seems to be very excited for the month of December because it’s a month of wasting money for wrapping the gift up with expensive ribbons and ding dongs to be giving away to someone you think he’s important enough to appreciate your gesture but he isn’t, which leave you in tears and heartbreak and repeat the same old stupid cycle. Yeah… that’s what I think about Christmas - every Christmas to be exact. Funnily, when I was a kid I had always thought there would be snowing season during the month of December, until one day when I looked up the sky seeing the drops of tear falling from the sky, I came to realize that heavy downpour had replaced my imaginative snowing scenery with angry thunders and strong winds I wonder if the roof top would be lifted off.

Sometimes it’s good to be receiving present once in a while. Speaking of which, I’ve had not been receiving any presents from anyone for years, which is a good thing for me because I don’t have to return the same favor by spending on rubbish for the sake of reciprocation. And I don’t have money. So it would be a good thing that you send me some cash instead.

I really can’t wait to start a brand new year and bid farewell to 2014. It’s just that it’s been a rough year, thoroughly inside out, emotionally and physically. No. I was not being abused in any sort of way. It’s just that turning 21 this year wasn’t the way I had hoped it to be. Sometimes great expectation gives you great outcome of disappointment. Crashes your faith, dream, and belief. But there’s one thing I still believe in … is my heart.


P.S: Have you guys watched the newest trailer of 50 Shades? It’s too much sex in one trailer! holy!



  1. Remember take the sunbath,his with make you more positive.
    human same like plant also need some sun to photosynthesis.
    Just 加油,加油…
    (P/S:For this movie I don't think have a chance can see on cinema.)

  2. Gimme your house address, something good will come this Christmas then hahahahah

    1. hahaha. no . i'm not gonna give you. :P

    2. Pffft. Then I shall share that with another lucky person then~

      PS: Afraid I might stalk you meh.. Got time study better XD

    3. you know what I want for Christmas? lol

    4. Santa doesn't know EVERYTHING. and Tempus definitely doesn't know ANYTHING lol.


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