Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Dear Zach,

I got a text from him on last Saturday night.

"I miss you badly ..."

I read it. I did not reply.

On Tuesday, I got a text from him again.

"Babe! Are you still upset?"

I read it. I ignored it.

Did he honestly think by sending this kind of messages is meant for reconciliation? Did he honestly think I would cave in for that?

No. I won't. There was a split second I was gonna type back "I'm fine". I halted for a moment and thought about it long enough to erase the whole sentence.

If you miss me, why didn't you call? A simple gesture would make a huge difference. He knew I removed him from my social media. I guess he's trying to pick a fight with me over the text but to no avail. Ignorant is the best way of revenge.

At the mean time, I have suck some dicks. So I'm not your babe anymore.

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