Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Emerging of My Inner Hoe

Dear Zach,

Leaving my job has made a quite impact on me. I constantly feel horny all the time. When I was working on night shift, I got a lot of hookup message from Grindr/Jackd. All of which I couldn't manage to meet up due to my work nature. Now that I'm free and available, I am kinda attached to those apps in finding dicks. It's been 5 days since I left my job I have gotten 4 dicks, 1 of which was anal, the remaining was oral. I got all my hookup from Hornet, of which I met mostly were Malay guys, which suits my needs. Hornet is the only apps I could find all the malay guys in one place. I've sucked some pretty nice dicks at the stairs of the office and public toilets. Those lads are young as fuck. With those 6 inches dick, I couldn't care less about their look or physique to be honest. I was pretty much sending my nudes away to get response for dicking. My oral skill is much brushed up now. I enjoyed sucking Malay dicks so much I am craving for more now. 

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  1. Apparently you feel your life unoccupied after quitting your job, and crave for dicks to fill the time? I do agree Hornet is good to seek Malay guys, the physique is the 1st criteria to trigger my interest.


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