Saturday, July 30, 2016


Dear Zach,

It's headed towards end of the month. So much has happened I couldn't put my thoughts in words easily as it seems. I got an offer as Fitness Instructor in a local gym club and I accepted it on the spot without hesitation. Because I am done waiting and worrying about what if. I want to work that work. And I also enrolled a professional fitness trainer development course and it will be starting next month. Everything seems to be in great place and I couldn't be more happier. I told my parents about my plans to work in Fitness and Health industry. They couldn't complain because they are so done seeing me miserably figuring what the actual fuck I want, they let me go to have my own way. I couldn't be any more grateful for their utmost supports in this matter. In future, I will be taking a lot of health and fitness related courses for my own good. I wanna build a career out of it. Right now, I need to focus one thing at a time - my PT development course, my job, and my body. I have a created a new blog to record my daily tracking progress changes of my physique. I'm dedicated to that to see how it goes in few months time. 



  1. Looking forward to read more from your new blog soon :) May you have a good journey ahead :)

    1. thank you, mate! my new blog is about displaying my unattractive body to the whole for fat-shaming. just joking. it's about my daily calories count and what-not-to-do .. it's like a diary hoping to inspire others to have a healthy lifestyle. :)

  2. All the best with the new journey! :) Looking forward to the new blog!


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