Sunday, July 10, 2016

To Do List

Dear Zach,

Things I want to do:

1. To be Fitness Instructor Certified

2. To be Yoga Instructor Certified

3. To be a Freelance Story Writer.

4. To create a health and fitness blog to help people in need.

5. To create a blog for local people to share their own story.

6. To volunteer at the beach for a month

7. To learn Japanese language as my prime skill to get to work in Japan

8. To take IELTS exam

9. To teach English in Japan.

10. To write a book.

11. To get a job to cover all costs above.

1 comment

  1. From your list, nos. 3,4,5,6,10 don't need money to start. You can create a fitness blog right away with so many free blog platforms (blogger, wordpress, tumblr, etc.), you can also create another blog for local people to share their story. To be a freelance writer, you have to ensure you have sufficient money to survive before you can finish a book to be published. At your free time now, you can already start your book writing project. The only thing you need to use money is to attend fitness/yoga lessons, to pay for the exams to be a certified instructor, to attend Japanese language classes, and to take Japanese language exam.


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