Sunday, January 11, 2015

Me Against The Tides


Dear Zach,

My parents are very against of my job nature. Yup. I am doing outdoor sales that I have to be standing outside the street asking for people to sign up. No one in the world would want to do that because of embarrassment that one have to endure. When I was asked to go on field on the second day, I was nervous and couldn’t articulate the script I have remembered to pitch the customers. I jumbled up my speech and ended very badly for the day. I know one couldn’t be genius in one day. The next day, I tried harder to approach customers, and completed my presentation in full of mistakes. I learnt from the mistakes. And I can’t deny the fact that I was very frustrated because I was incapable of doing such simple task. But, my senior has told me that I must not lose my attitude and enthusiasm because our job nature requires such important basic elements to succeed.

Besides, I’ve gotten a lot of remarks about my tone of voice, facial expression, my posture, my work ethics and my confidence – it was all average as I expected. Or maybe below than average. I can’t put the blame on customers; I can’t put the blame on somebody else; I can only put the blame on me for not trying harder and for wanting the urge of proving myself I could do it alone without assistance – these have totally kill my day when I was got to be allocated at the very fine places where people can be easily signed up with us. It was day 6 – and my results were showing terrible. I was thinking if I was able to do that anymore or I was suitable for doing that anymore.

Today, my parents told me, let’s see if you can last for 2 months at least in your job. They always think I should be doing something they think I should be doing. Accepting this job offer to them is the biggest mistake to me – according to them. Because there’s no benefits or any sort of remuneration for me. But I accepted it because I see opportunity in this job. I disregard whatever negativity coming out from my parents mouth. I can’t deny the fact that not having their support in my is really hard as they are really against my job nature. And the failure I did for the past days had really brought me down to a whole new level of disappointment. But I bounce back up for trying my hardest by pitching to myself in the car while driving, taking shower in the toilet, even in my room doing roughly more than five times.

I don’t want to give up on this job. I know I could do it. It’s just matter of time to prove myself to my parents that they are very much mistaken. And I think I am slowly in love with my job already.


  1. Is nice to see you have something change,start to think positive and full energy to fight it what you want it.
    Hopefully this 2015 is a brand new year to goal it what you try to archive.;)

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