Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Whatsapp Message To My Mum


Dear Zach,

mum, I know you and dad are very disappointed in my choice of career right now. But I just want to let you know that I am still young and fresh-graduated, I still want to explore different options of career to find what it seems fit to me. Not that I don't want to work in the office, I do. I believe this opportunity will always be there forever until we die. Life is too short and I want to try out different thing, dipping myself in the seawater to see the world. I am not as old as gor gor 28 this year. He has left no choice to continue to work the job he supposed to be. But I am still young, wasting a year or two would not make any harm to me because that's when I will get to know what job is suitable to me. It is true that I enjoyed studying biotech in college for the sake of knowledge. But when comes into reality, it isn't showing much promising prospect in career - that of course doesn't include the sales and marketing part. I have been offered a few positions last time which I had told you about, there are very tempting and attractive, but my interest wasn't there. I didn't accept it because I know sooner or later I will quit eventually. I didn't really want to disappoint you by my quitting. For the past 3 weeks, I had learnt a lot. I didn't want to quit at the first place. But when comes to consideration of you and dad, I decided to quit and find another one which has a basic salary at least. Mum, i know you want me to follow exactly what you have in mind - work what I had studied. I know you knew me better than I know myself, I have the 5-minutes syndrome. But please, let me and myself venture into different career path. Even if I fail, I will still come back home to you and dad, and start whole new again. Let me make mistakes, let me fail in life. I know you and dad are very protective. I can't help the way i feel. I know you both love me very much. I am very blessed to have you both in my life. You have your right to worry about me, but, mum, I am not a boy; not yet a man.. this is the time where I should venture myself into something different. Who knows in future I might excel in that? I know you and dad are very upset of my demeanor 2 nights ago. I hereby apologize for what I said. I know you and dad will have no idea what to say to the relatives about my job, don't worry , I will have it handled. Please, don't be embarrassed of your son for doing something he wish to do. You both should be proud of your son for wanting to take risk in life and be the man you both and I want to be. I am sorry and love you both. :)”



  1. As long as you can justify your stand, believe in what you do. Because what I justified is beginning to materialize in front of my parents' eyes right now.

    1. tears ~~~
      I hear you. I can feel you.

  2. Really envy you dare to try,dare to find the new way.
    Is good to try,you still young really,never say never.
    Gambateh o..
    I believe you daddy and Mummy will understand what you try to do now cause you know what ever how old we are, at our parents eye we still is the one need to take care one..

    1. sometimes I still have to bare the risk. :)

  3. Actually I do agree that the biotech field has limited prospects, especially if you aren't really passionate about it anymore... I come from a life/bio science background too, many of my course mates who majored in biotech end up doing something completely different, and those who do stay on the science track end up going into research and taking the academic route, which to me is really boring hahaha... Some of my course mates are doing very interesting things, like one guy went into a company that creates computer games, another person is working at Groupon now, etc...

    I don't think whatever that you have learned in Uni will go to waste, I mean knowledge is knowledge.. And I'm sure you have picked up practical and soft skills from your time there as well which you can apply in whatever job you decide to take.. Personally, I think being a personal trainer isn't a long term career goal, I've seen so many trainers at my gym come and go, but as you said, we're still young, why the heck not and try different things right! But I do hope you will spend some time to really think about some concrete long term goals as well, because our time here in this world is finite, there are only so many mistakes we can make right haha :P

  4. I has learn alot from your sharing and I like the way you think. You are right, i should think again about my career. Thanks dude.

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