Sunday, October 19, 2014

Her Kinks And Sexy Lingerie


Dear Zach,

I have to admit this – I am really petrified of women. Imagine my horror when I came across this realization that I got dragged into a sexy lingerie shop, asking opinion about how sexy the laces is on the body of my best friend. The initial plan was that she told me over the dinner she wanted to buy a handcuff as either birthday or Christmas present for her boyfriend. She was watching me almost choking down my meatball when I heard what she just said.

“That is kinky,” I said, couldn’t recover from the shock when she told me she had bought a flogger with her boyfriend and immensely enjoyed the sensational sexual pain from it.

“Indeed! But now I want to try handcuffing.” She looked exciting. I feel envious of her relationship with his boyfriend. They basically had sex all over the place in the house almost every weekend. Now they are trying something even more further from having plain vanilla sex. I am jealous. They are practically implementing the whole Fifty-shades fiction into reality. She is now one step ahead of me in doing that. I thought I was the sex expertise; the table has turned, she is the sex expertise now.

After our dinner, I got dragged into the sexy lingerie shop, searching for handcuff. But what caught her attention was the sexy lacy lingerie which has bare minimum coverage and is almost see-through. Basically, it barely covers the boobs and vagina. I wondered around awkwardly in the shop while she tried it on in the fitting room, browsing the extremely sexy lingerie, figuring out the sexual appeal of it the straight men love about. Some of it I had really no idea what it is and is supposed to cover. All I ever know that the minimum the coverage of the pieces, the higher the price is. I have to admit that these lingerie are really provocative, no doubt men love them. Unfortunately, I don’t.

Moment later, she grabbed the pieces of lingerie with joy to the pay counter and decided to buy this as a surprise present. By surprise, she is gonna wear it on and surprise the living day out of his boyfriend, so that he can either strip it off himself or just screw her with it on her.

Boy boy .. I did not know girls nowadays can be so imaginative and kinky.



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