Friday, October 17, 2014

Jack’d Conversation Peeves


Dear Zach,

Sometimes when you got to know about people, they would hopelessly disappoint you in ways you could never have expected it to be. They can really sabotage your confidence in any ways by shaming you with profanities about how shitty ugly you are no matter how ugly you already are, just because they could not get laid from you.

What the world has become?

I am no patient man – albeit I am trying my best to practice being patient as humanly possible. But sometimes people have to know their boundary before pushing one to edge with tons of questions/requests about anything related to sex. I got really frustrated with people who keep asking the same thing when I had said I don’t have it. Yet they could still repeat the damn thing again til the point I blocked them.

My responses are always straightforward – one of the bad perks being Taurus. I am no good in articulation but relatively good in words. So when I reply to any emails or message, I may have sounded curtly or from the text you can read between the lines that I am direct-to-points-with-no-bullshit-allowed kind of way, in other word – stern. Hence, people in Jack’d especially, got scared off or fed up with my stern response, they would go unattended for the conversation. I couldn’t be bothered anyway – it’s not like we gonna be friends.

Speaking of friends, do you claim to be friend with some stranger over some random text with hint of hookup intention? Is this how friends claim to be? It’s funny because after a few line of texts with a random guy on Jack’d, very naturally he had claimed we both had become friends. I don’t even fucking know who the fuck you are, so how on earth can I be ‘friend’ with you? I usually refer them as acquaintance. These people were no more than a random acquaintance whom I don’t intend to be friend with. 

As you must know, I have a very few friends. Very very few. You may very likely think I am such a weirdo who have friends number lesser than my family member of four, I couldn’t not be bothered at all. I never fancy buddy-buddy around with strangers.

Bare with me if I ever come across rudely. I am trying my best to be nice but sometimes people can be annoying as fuck.

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